OMNICHANNEL MARKETING – Why to use it and how it can do for your business in the UK combined with Shopify

Because of the day and age that we live in and the constant demands of the customers that keep changing every single day, most business owners out there are trying their best to find the perfect new strategy that will allow their business to work as efficiently as possible. One of the most popular options out there right now is definitely omnichannel marketing. However, even though this is an extremely popular strategy not a lot of people know what it actually is or what it can do for their businesses, and if you’re one of those people then this is a good article for you to read. If you want to find out more about the strategy and why Shopify is one of the best solutions you can get in the UK, then definitely make sure to keep on waiting until the end.Learn more.

What is omnichannel?

First of all we have to talk a bit more about what the strategy actually is because a lot of people don’t really get it. From what we have seen online a lot of people seem to believe that it means that you will have a digital and a physical presence at the same time, that is effortless and seamless. And while this is a pretty decent definition, it definitely doesn’t cover everything. What omnichannel actually means is that not only will you be present in the physical and only world, but you will be present everywhere in those both places, particularly when it comes to the online world. Research over the last few years has shown that over 50% of customers only shop with brands that give them the ability to shop via multiple channels and from multiple different kinds of devices, and this strategy is pretty much the only one that will allow you to give them that experience in a seamless and efficient way.

The benefits for your business

When talking about your business in the UK, it makes no sense for you to use a strategy that won’t give you the necessary benefits. Luckily, when it comes to omnichannel retail, you will definitely get a lot of great benefits for your business. The first, and one of the most obvious benefits, is the fact that you will be present in a lot more places, which means that you will open up your business to a lot more potential customers. One of the keys to having a successful business is going where your customers are, and this type of retail will definitely allow you to do so. Another great benefit is the fact that this type of marketing will actually help you remain competitive. There are a lot of businesses out there, and all of them are your competition, and with consumers getting more and more demanding every single day, you need to do everything that you can in order to stay competitive on the market. When you realize that most customers expect an answer from the brand they’re interested in within an hour, you realize how important it is for you to be present in as many places as possible. Apart from going where are your customers are being a good strategy for your business, it is also a great thing for your customers as well because you are making your products more accessible to them. At the end of the day when a customer loves the brand they are going to continue purchasing from that brand, and you making it more accessible to them only means that they will probably be even more interested in your products and that they will want to buy them even more.


Probably one of the biggest downsides of this strategy is the fact that it can be pretty difficult to navigate, and for some business owner it can even be impossible. But this isn’t as straightforward of a marketing strategy as some other ones out there, so in order for it to work for you you have to put in a good amount of time and effort. However, if you don’t really want to struggle so much with it all you need is a good tool to help you out. As one of the leaders in the world of e-commerce, it is no surprise that Shopify has a tool that will help you achieve just that. Not only will you get some of the best design type templates, and amazing App Store filled with extensions and add on’s that you can add to your e-commerce, but you will also get a POS solution as well as some of the best Omnichannel capabilities out there. When you are working with Shopify you have access to some pretty great integrations that will help you expand your business to a new and better channels. Some of the more notable integrations are with Amazon and Facebook, however the great part is what happens after you integrate your website with them. You will actually be able to run all of your different channels from your own e-commerce and the Shopify interface, and that is where the omnichannel experience will be made easy for you. The POS solution is also a great thing to have because it will allow you to completely integrate your physical business with the online world, while also allowing you to work with the same, super easy to use, interface.
Whether you have an online business or a business in the physical world, or a combination of the two, there is no doubt that the omni channel marketing strategy can definitely be if it be very beneficial to your business in the UK. There are definitely some downsides to it, however with the right tools, such as Shopify, you will be able to master the strategy in no time and without nearly as much time and effort as you would need without it. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article, that you learned something new and that we have encouraged you to give this strategy a shot.